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The Venetian Venture – Suzette A. Hill

6th June 2014

After retiring to Herefordshire, Suzette A. Hill has used her time to pen the humorous ‘Revd Francis Oughterard’ quintet, plus two other titles outside that series. Happily steering clear of ‘social issues’ and ‘gritty realism’, Suzette sets her amusing tales in a world peopled largely by the fey, the bibulous and the downright dotty.


The Venetian Venture


The Venetian Venture

Venice1954. Barely recovered from the scandal of her aunt’s shocking murder, Rosy Gilchrist now finds herself embroiled in fresh skulduggery. This time she’s in Venice, sent there by Dr Stanley – her eccentric BritishMuseum boss – to locate a rare edition of Horace’s Odes.

Unbeknown to Rosy, the book has a substantial price on its head unconnected with literary matters; and it soon becomes clear that others are in grim pursuit. Her quest is not entirely smoothed by the presence of the floral Felix Smythe, his friend the suave Cedric Dillworthy and their protégé Caruso, an amiable basset hound. Their sojourn in a crumbling Venetian palazzo culminates in scenes at once fearful and ludicrous.



Release date: May, 2014

Publishers: Allison & Busby


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