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The Daily Grind (Another Day at the Word-Face)

3rd October 2013

Writer: Zoë Sharp Workspace:  This is my corner of the study. The trees outside the window are where the red squirrels do their best to distract me from work by stealing food from the bird feeders and...

Leigh RussellCRA Writing Tips: Editing

26th September 2013

A quotation from George Orwell is probably the best place to start when we are thinking about editing:’If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’ Remember that writing for a...

Leigh RussellLeigh Russell: The Story of Books

18th June 2013

From as far back as we can trace, people have felt the need to share stories. Wasn’t early cave man a forerunner of the fisherman boasting about ‘the one that got away’? Imagine a pr...

Event: Intelligence Revealed

8th May 2013

The CRA loves to give its readers tips on the best crime books, authors and events around. A fantastic event coming up on the 20th May definitely fulfills the criteria of being one of the best events...

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