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The Magus of Hay Phil RickmanPhil Rickman – The Magus of Hay

7th December 2013

Phil Rickman swapped his native Lancashire for the rural peace of mid-Wales to work as a BBC radio and TV reporter. He now lives on the Welsh Border, where he writes crime novels with a restrained element of the paranormal.

The Magus of Hay.

This is the twelfth case for Merrily Watkins, a diocesan exorcist for Hereford. It’s set in Hay-on-Wye: the eccentric medieval town known for its dozens of second-hand bookshops. If it sounds cosy… it isn’t. Now in the grip of recession and the all-conquering Kindle, Hay is fighting for its future. Merrily Watkins knows little about the town until the police ask her to assist in an investigation into a body found below a waterfall on the outskirts of the town. The dead man’s peculiar interests soon open the hidden heart of Hay – and a secret history of magic and ritual murder.

Release date: early December

Publisher: Corvus / Atlantic.

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