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Making the Amazon/Kindle Top 50 Bestseller List! by Faith Martin

18th October 2017

Like a lot of my fellow authors, I’ve been writing for many years now, solidly producing books (that were mostly published in hardback) and just feeling happy and relatively chuffed with myself to get them published at all.

So perhaps you can imagine my surprise and delight when Joffe Books agreed to re-issue the first eleven of my DI Hillary Greene series in brand new Kindle and paperback editions.

As anyone who knows me can testify, I’m not exactly very ‘good’ with computers and modern technology.  (OK, I’m a total Luddite.)  So when, to my amazed astonishment, the first of the new titles, now renamed Murder On The Oxford Canal, shot straight into the top 50 Amazon/Kindle bestsellers list in its very first week of release, I had no way of accessing it, since I don’t actually own a Kindle!  (I’m one of those people who likes to hold an actual book, with proper paper pages and everything, in their hand!)  Luckily for me, then, these novels are also available in paperback. And since Joffe Books is one of the leading UK’s leading independent publishers of mysteries and thrillers, with over a million books sold in the last twelve months, getting my hands on one shouldn’t prove a problem, even for the likes of me!

Being used to having (on average) 2 books issued a year, I was sent into a mild state of (happy) shock, when Jasper Joffe told me that, after releasing the first novel on the 3 October, the next one – Murder At The University – was coming out on 12 October.  Aaaghh!  (Never have I proof-read one of my manuscripts so fast!)  But since readers are clamouring for me, I’m not about to complain!  It’s enough to make an old-fashioned, social media-shy crime writer like me actually believe it’s time to adapt to the digital age!

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