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Antony Johnston

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Antony is a New York Times bestselling author, graphic novelist, screenwriter, and podcaster, with more than forty published titles.

He’s best known for the Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde, which was based on his cold war graphic novel. He also writes the Brigitte Sharp spy thrillers, The Exphoria Code and The Tempus Project. Other crime work includes the sci-fi graphic novel series The Fuse, and the techno-magic heist novel Stealing Life.

His productivity guide The Organised Writer has helped authors all over the world take control of their calendar and workload.

Antony is also a screenwriter, has worked for Marvel Comics, writes big-budget videogames, and hosts the podcast Writing and Breathing.

He lives and works (a lot) in England.

Website:  |  Twitter: @AntonyJohnston


Books by Antony Johnston

  • The Exphoria Code (Brigitte Sharp #1)

    Hive Amazon

  • The Tempus Project (Brigitte Sharp #2)

    Hive Amazon

  • The Organised Writer: How to stay on top of all your projects and never miss a deadline

    Hive Amazon

  • Atomic Blonde

    Hive Amazon

  • The Coldest Winter

    Hive Amazon

  • Stealing Life

    Hive Amazon

  • The Fuse, Vol 1: The Russia Shift

    Hive Amazon

  • The Fuse, Vol 2: Gridlock

    Hive Amazon

  • The Fuse, Vol 3: Perihelion

    Hive Amazon

  • The Fuse, Vol 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions

    Hive Amazon

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