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Russell is a British writer, ex-Chairman of the Crime Writers Association, and author of around two dozen books, fiction and non-fiction, crime and historical.

Recent novels include the satirical Mother Naked, and The Newly Discovered Diaries of Doctor Kristal (a dark comedy set in 1963, in which the doctor, a virgin at 35, begins murdering some annoying patients).  Other books include Stories I Can’t Tell (written ‘with’ pre-war singer & Revue artist Maggie King), Requiem for a Daughter, a police procedural set in the build-up to the 2012 London Olympics, and the thriller Payback, also available in French and German as well as in two separate American editions.  His most praised work was Painting in the Dark, set in 1997 but looking back to Britain and Germany in the Thirties and Forties.

Most of his earlier books were hard-hitting, low-life thrillers set in south east London and, unusually, they featured no detectives; when the police did appear it was on the side-lines.  He has also published four illustrated biographical encyclopaedias: Great British Fictional Detectives and its companion work, Great British Fictional Villains, followed by The Pocket Guide to Victorian Writers & Poets and its companion, The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists & Their Models.  Russell can be found on Amazon at


Books by Russell James

  • The Newly Discovered Diaries of Doctor Kristal


  • Exit 39


  • The Exhibitionists

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  • Requiem for a Daughter


  • Pick Any Title


  • Painting in the Dark


  • Slaughter Music


  • Payback


  • Underground


  • Mother Naked


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