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I’ve been writing for decades. Under Patricia Finney, I’ve written Elizabethan spy stories, more Elizabethan crime, children’s fiction, non-fiction and most recently, I’ve reissued my contemporary romantic thriller called “Lucky Woman.” Look at Climbing Tree Books website for more information.

My most important crime series is the Sir Robert Carey Mystery series under the pen name P F Chisholm. There have been nine books so far.

Sir Robert Carey is a cousin to Queen Elizabeth and also her nephew – a swashbuckling courtier with a touch of fashionista, he arrived on the Anglo-Scottish Borders in 1592 where he was instantly up to his ruff in trouble. Oh and by the way, every bit of that statement is cold hard historical fact, based on his memoirs written around 1629.

His sidekick, Sergeant Henry Dodd, has a dark past and is also stubborn, loyal and frankly a pain in the bum at the moment. He’s fictional.

Most of the characters actually lived and were often even worse reivers than I paint them — the Grahams were particularly dangerous, along with the Armstrongs, Elliots, Maxwells, Johnstones, Fenwicks, Widdringtons… Carlisle was the centre of Elizabeth’s Wild North and made Dodge City look like a nunnery.

The stories start with “A Famine of Horses” and at the moment there are nine of them. Yes, I’m planning the Carey 10 right now. The ninth is “A Suspicion of Silver.”

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