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Charlie Flowers, The Riz Sabir Omnibus

7th December 2013

When I asked what inspired the Riz Sabir thriller series, Charlie told me he has a background in the UK extremism scene – having seen it from ‘both sides’. Knowing what a bizarre, murky and violent world that can be, I thought it probably safest not to ask any more. (For the record, Charlie is a very well-balanced, pleasant man!)

The Riz Sabir Omnibus

In this very tempting three-for-the-price-of-one deal, you get to follow a year in the lives of Riz and his other half Holly. Over the course of twelve months, they battle Islamic extremists, Nazis, Communists, serial killers, and everything else that gets in their way. Sounds like they’re due a holiday somewhere nice and quiet…

Release date: December 2013

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The first three titles in the Riz Sabir series are:

Hard Kill

Danger Close

Kill Order

Profano-Meter – Spicy

Platelet-Counter – Ugh

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