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Case Files no 5 now available to CRA members

4th July 2013

So, you like reading crime? You want to know what thrills and spills are coming your way – the books that will make your pulse pick up, even though you’re sitting down. Books inhabited by the type of people you’d hate to meet in the street. Maybe books that will cause a moment’s hesitation before turning the bedside light off…

The Crime Readers’ Association ezine Case Files: Issue 5  is out now to all CRA subscribers.

Issue 5: features reviews of new releases from Stephen Booth, Chris Collett, Peter Guttridge, Richard Godwin, Martin Daley and Barbara Nadel. Plus the answer to “Which member of the CWA once lived in a house with a voodoo priest?” and all the Crime Writing Month give-aways.

So if you haven’t yet had your copy all you need to do is to sign up to the CRA via the form to the right of this post.

Membership of the CRA is free – all you need is an email address and a love of crime writing.

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