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Case Files 36

11th January 2019

Case Files issue 36 – out soon!

Case Files is an ezine that profiles new or forthcoming novels from members of the Crime Writers’ Association.
Subscribing is free – and it let’s you discover which contributors in the forthcoming issue are behind these weird facts and odd confessions!

  • Which CWA member is Romany and was born in the back of a barrel-top wagon?
  • Which CWA member used to perform with her sister and parents for local charities and social groups? (They were, ahem, known as The Four Aces.)
  • Which CWA member’s second baby is due out 4 days before her second book? (She’s taking bets on which comes into the world first.)
  • Which CWA member is Brazilian, but found success writing books in English? (He also published works in Italian without ever setting a foot in the country.)
  • Which CWA member once worked as a tent hand in a travelling circus and had a stall on Portobello market?
  • Which CWA member once won a prize for writing at junior school when she wrote an account of the Year 6 trip to Dovedale? (Her prize was three bags of crisps.)
  • Which CWA member is possibly the only collector of yeast extract jars in the whole of Berwickshire? (To date, he has over fifty examples of jars from around the world!)
  • Which CWA member’s most lucrative piece of writing ever was a 10-word competition tie-breaker? (It won her a new car.)
  • Which CWA member had to put up with playing his last season of club cricket in Barbados?
  • Which CWA member’s last name should have been O’Tallamhain? (But, with prejudice riding high in 1954 when her grandparents moved over from Dublin, they anglicised the family name.)
  • Due to the odd rust spot, which CWA member’s first car was the same colour as mint and choc chip ice cream?
  • Which CWA member is convinced spiritual healing really does work? (She’s a fully qualified spiritual healer herself.)

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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